Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Oversized Plaid Scarf 

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I found this little gem for only $16.99 at Target (if you go now it is currently on sale for 20% off) and I just love it.


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It is the perfect scarf to pair with my go-to winter outfit: a chambray top with a black quilted vest. It is soft and a bit oversized, which are my two requirements in a scarf.


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Warning: if you happen to throw this scarf on the couch a small dog may use it as a blanket.


Lush’s Lip Scrub: Mint Julip 

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The cold weather is here which means that my lips will be in a constant state of disarray. I go through Chapstick like an addict through the drier winter months but one item that helps keep me sane is Lush’s Lip Scrub.


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Lush’s Lip Scrub is a perfectly sweet cocktail of sugar and essential oils to help exfoliate your lips from their terribly chapped state. I use it once or twice a week to help keep my lips soft and smooth. Another benefit is that you will notice lipstick/gloss/balm/stain applying more evenly and lasting longer.


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Like all Lush Cosmetics products, their Lip Scrub is all natural, preservative free and handmade. I love the Mint Julips flavor because it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but you can also find Bubblegum, Popcorn, or holiday versions.

Of course, if you want to get crafty, you can make your own version at home: DIY Lip Scrub. 

US Department of the Interior Instagram




If you are not following the US Department of the Interior on Instagram, I highly recommend that you go start following them now. They are posting breathtaking photos of our great nation that make you smile with a little more pride about the beautiful land that we call home.




Each picture makes me add another spot on to my list of places I want to see.



Or sometimes they just make a laugh. I mean, who doesn’t love a funny animal picture?



And you may spot a photo that reminds you of home like this one did for me. Growing up the Everglades has always been my backyard and this gorgeous shot had me feeling a bit more excited to get home for the holidays.

What is something that you were loving this week?  



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  1. Molly
    November 14, 2014 at 4:55 pm (4 years ago)

    I love love love the scarf! And Lush is one of my favorites too! Stay warm!!


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