Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Here are a few things that I have been loving this week…

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day – Basil Scent

mrs. meyers cleaning basil scent

I know that Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products are not new, but I recently discovered their basil scented products and I am in love.  I picked up the hand soap and multi-surface cleaner and love the fresh, crisp green fragrance.  These beat the chemical fragrance of other cleaners because they are packed with natural essential oils. It doesn’t hurt that they are cruelty free as well.

Little Free Library


The Little Free Library is a community library where you can swap books.  These have popped up all around Charlotte neighborhoods (Dilworth, South End, and Plaza Midwood to name a few) and I think they are a simple way of creating community. I am always looking for my next favorite book and picked up Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane from this Little Free Library in Dilworth. Next time I walk by I will be sure to drop off a few of my books to share.


learnvest alexa von tobel financial planning


I am embarrassed to admit that it took me turning 30 to really get serious about my finances. I have always been terrible with my money and have never even had a budget (gasp! I know this is not okay).

LearnVest was started by Alexa Von Tobel (woohoo! a female business) to empower women (fine, guys are allowed too) through financial planning. I started reading her book, Financially Fearless, and loved her approach so much that I dove into her free tools.

On the LearnVest website you can create and manage your budget in 30 minutes. You connect your checking account and LearnVest will import your transactions and put them into categories (shopping, restaurants, groceries, health care) of your budget. You immediately see what you are spending your money on and it can be eye opening!

I have tried other services, like, and prefer LearnVest’s tool.  The user interface is easier to navigate and their mobile app makes it easy to manage your budget on the go. My budget is no where near perfect, but LearnVest has made financial planning a lot less intimidating!


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