Spotted: Clean Graffiti Marketing Campaign

IMG_8079 On a Spring walk with Meyer pup I came across my first Clean Graffiti Marketing campaign and it caused me to (literally) stop in my tracks.  This sidewalk is a popular path for runners and walkers in this popular Dilworth neighborhood, so at first, the markings on the sidewalk caught my eye as very well done sidewalk chart art. When I took a further look, I realized that I was standing on a genius marketing campaign.

BKLsshMCEAAXYPqA simple message was pressure washed on the sidewalk with stencils.

STAY STRONG. Pain stops here. OrthoCarolina. An athlete’s best friend.

What better place is there for an orthopedics healthcare company to advertise than exactly where their target audience is?

As a runner is just thinking about giving up, they look ahead and see words of encouragement cheering them on just one more mile.

When a familiar ache or pain rears its ugly head again, you spot the one who will bring you relief.

Someone who may have never considered orthopedic care now has a solution in mind the next time they are in pain.

One of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign is determining who is the target audience, then determining where and how to communicate with that audience. In this case, the target audience is athletes, but not necessarily someone that you find in a professional arena or high school football field. An athlete is anyone who is pushing their bodies in the pursuit of fitness. The 40 year old training for his next marathon. The new Mom who has picked up running with friends to get back into shape. The post-college graduate trying to de-stress after work with a long walk.By targeting the sidewalk, you widen the audience and extend brand awareness.

Can you count the number of impressions made? Not exactly. Can you calculate the ROI? Probably not accurately. But the cost is small, the message is subtle and the impact is huge. After a little research, I discovered that this great campaign was implemented by local Charlotte agency, thesavageway, and they call this technique “clean graffiti” .

The execution of this campaign is simple, but the idea is smart and opportunity for using this technique is endless. I hope to stumble on more of these clean campaigns around town, have you spotted any in your neighborhood?

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