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Tip Tuesday: Best Way to Wash Your Make Up Brushes


I guess I am becoming an adult (when did this happen?) because my Sunday routines are less about a funday and more about housekeeping and prepping for the upcoming work work. Along with laundry and meal prep, I always make sure to clean my make up brushes.

I was shocked when talking to my friends how many people don’t wash their make up brushes. You take your make up off every night, but you reapply yesterday’s dirt and germs each time you use a dirty brush. Washes your brushes helps keep your skin healthy, helps the way your make up is applied, and extends the life of your brushes.


You don’t need any special tools or cleaner to wash your brushes.  A gentle make up remover or face wash is a really convenient brush cleanser.  It is meant to take your make up off your face so it makes sense that you can use it to take make up off your brushes.

I love the Beauty Blender solid cleaner. It does a really great job of cleaning your brushes quickly. You just swirl the brush over the solid cleanser and the make up melts right off. It is the most expensive option at $15.95 but it has lasted me about 6 months and well worth the price.

Pure Castille soap is really good as well. I got mine at Target from the travel size toiletry section.  I think I picked mine up for under $3, so it is really cheap and easy to pick up on your next Target run.

Take a few minutes and wash your brushes, I promise, you won’t regret it.