Tip Tuesday: How to get FREE Make Up

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My last Tip Tuesday was all about how to return make up for a FULL refund. This week I want you to take advantage of all the free make up samples that are available and get FREE make up! Brands know that you are more likely to buy their product if you try it and stores love to use loyalty points programs to keep you coming back.

I would say that at this moment about 1/4 of my make up is either a sample or a result of a sample product. That is the problem with make up, we are always on the hunt for a product that is going to be better and samples are a great way to  A sample size of mascara can last me several weeks, which is more than enough time to figure out if the formula works for me and if it doesn’t, it saves me from taking the time to return the product.


Sephora makes it SO easy to get free make up samples (they also make it really easy to throw $100 away in less than 10 minutes).  First step is to sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider account. You can do it in store or online. I also love that they just need my phone number when I shop in store to link to my account (I hate carrying all those cards around). Once you sign up, every purchase you make will go towards your Point Perks and your Beauty Insider status.

If you spend $350 at Sephora in a year, you become a VIB, which gets you access to their twice a year sale where EVERYTHING is 20% off!

Sephora Point Perks

Whether you shop in store or online you are depositing points into your Sephora Beauty Insider Account. Once you earn 100 points you are eligible for your first reward and there are some great products available. Here are the current 100 Point Samples:

100 points

There are some great items up for grabs!  The next level of samples is at 250 points are typically a little bit higher in value, here are some of the 250 point samples:

250 points

I had a rollerball for a new perfume (Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black) in my shopping cart for $28 and when I went to check out I noticed that a deluxe sample size of the same perfume was available as a points sample. I put that $28 rollerball back and  I am still using that sample after several months!

Point Perks typically change out each week to two weeks so I like to keep an eye on them in case there is a product I really want to try out.

Sephora Online Orders: 3 Free Samples

To get the biggest bang for your buck at Sephora I recommend that you always shop online. When you shop online you always get to add 3 free samples to your shipment.  These samples are usually a one time use sample but they still give you a preview of the product and let you try it before you buy it.

3 samples

Samples can range from fragrance, foundation, hair care to skin care. I always spot at least one sample that I am interested in trying and if nothing catches my eye, I still grab my 3 free samples for a jar that I let guests use when they stay over.

Sephora Promo Codes

Another great reason why I recommend shopping online with Sephora is that you can take advantage of promo codes and more deluxe samples that you wouldn’t receive in store. There are typically requirements like a minimum purchase, but come on, it is not tough to spend at least $25 at Sephora.  These samples rotate weekly as well, here is an example of what you could get this week:

weekly promo codes

From time to time you will get promotions for Sample Bags, which are typically a combination of one-time samples and deluxe samples. These are a great value!

promo special

If you shop at Sephora online, with just one order you can receive:

  • A Deluxe Sample from Points
  • 3 Free Samples
  • Deluxe Sample from Promo Code/Weekly Special

Ulta Point Perks

Ulta has a similar point program but instead of redeeming your points for samples, you earn money back towards a future purchase. You can sign up for Ulta Rewards in store or online and for each $100 spent you earn $3 off a purchase. I know this seems a bit measly, but these discounts don’t have any limitations (which Ulta is notorious for having on their coupons) and something is better than nothing!

ulta rewards

Ask the Cashier

Being polite goes a long way and you will be surprised at what you can get by just asking. Cashiers at Ulta and Sephora often have tons of samples behind the counter and are happy to distribute them (because that is the whole point of having samples) so don’t be afraid to ask.

A few of my favorite products I discovered from free samples and there is no reason to let the perks of your spending go unused! Go grab your free make up with your next purchase!

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